About Us

Enchanted Realms began as a healing dream many years ago. Our founder, Maya Cointreau, believed in that dream, and here we are today. The gift shop has many wonderful locally made artisanal crafts and jewelry, natural body products, crystal, incenses, tarot decks, books, flower essences, and whimsical toys for the wee’uns. In our gallery and therapeutic spaces, we offer many classes and holistic services — to see our full list of services, click here.

Learn more about how Enchanted began in this audio interview in the From Calling to Career Telesummit or read about us in the news

Enchanted Healers & Teachers

A lot of special people work to bring their light and magic to the world through Enchanted Realms, and we’re so happy to have forged such a wonderful community in the heart of Connecticut.

Rachel Archelaus is an inspiring soul-centered business-coach and intuitive teacher. We are excited to offer her stellar psychic development course.


Alexandra Catchpole is a Spiritual Intuitive, Reiki Master and Shamanic Lightworker. She is available seasonally for meditation, shamanic healing and reiki.

Maya Cointreau
has two decades of experience in holistic and spiritual healing. She is a Reiki Master attuned in the Usui, Karuna and Iris Healing Methods, along with having rigorously studied international and core shamanism techniques, traditional western naturopathy, elemental polarity, herbalism and aromatherapy. She co-owned and managed Hygeia, a holistic health and wellness center for people in New Milford, CT, for five years and also runs Earth Lodge™. She is the author of more than 20 books and CDs, including “Conversations with Stones”, “The Comprehensive Vibrational Healing Guide”, “Natural Healing for Animals,” “Grounding & Clearing,” “Simple Herbal Living” and the Girls Who Could series for children. She leads our shamanic training programs.

Sandra Cointreau
is an Usui and Karuna Reiki Master, shamanic practitioner and intuitive with four decades of experience. She offers Karuna Reiki and Energy Healing for Animals certification classes by appointment, as well as palm and tarot.

Samantha Drakely
is a Reiki Master, Animal Energy Healer and Shamanic Lightworker.

Pita Lemstra
is an energetic healer with 3 decades of experience, available for craniosacral, sound and energy healing.

Ilana Pilchowska is a National Academy of Sports Medicine CPT, Fitness Nutritionist and a certified Reflexologist.

Lisa Shab is a Reiki Master and gifted intuitive. She is available for angelic readings and leads our Saturday Healing Circle and Mediumship Practice Group.