Students who wish to continue expanding and delve deeper into shamanic lightworking may enter either of our Advanced Programs meeting on the 2nd Sunday every other month from 1-5pm.  The two-year advanced program meets in two cycles. The first cycle began in February 2015 and meets on the second Sunday from 1-5pm every two months (Feb, Apr, June, Aug, Oct, Dec) and runs for two years. A second cycle will begin in July 2015, and meet on the second Sunday from 1-5 pm every two months (July, Sep, Nov, Jan, Mar, May), run for two years. Those who complete all 12 classes, regardless of order or timing, receive advanced certification.

If any class is cancelled due to a weather or emergency consideration, then we can make up the date on another weekend that everyone can make, or it may be added it to the following class (thus meeting from 9-5, with a break for lunch). If you miss a class in cycle one you can make it up with the cycle two group, or even wait for it to come around again, etc. Students are welcome to attend as many or as few classes as they want, although if you are not going to be a regular attendee each session or if you want to attend a class outside your regular cycle, a heads up when you do plan to come will be appreciated.

Advanced studies include, but are not limited to:


  • The Difference between Light, Shadow and Dark
  • Shadowwork, EFT
  • Psychic Development, Seeing Auras, Telepathy exercises.
  • Aura Drawing, Working with kids, Manifestation.
  • Starvision, Remote Viewing Exercises, Shapeshifting
  • Northern Lodge & Fire Clearing Ceremonies
  • Ancestral Soul/Star Families and Clan Totems
  • Working with Plants and Self-Healing Protocols
  • Angels, Ascended Masters & Prayer Work
  • Iris Healing Technique, Ho’oponopono, Working with the I AM
  • Dreamcatchers. Knotwork, Clearing Work & Warding
  • Astral Travel, Oracles & Divination
  • Working with the Masculine/Feminine, Ley lines & Vortices

Payment for the two-year program can be paid the following ways:
$1400 paid in full by our first class
$400 paid at four installments
$150 at each class.

Pay in Full

Make a Monthly Payment

Make a Quarterly Payment

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