Shamanic Programs


with Maya Cointreau

Shamanic Lightworkers are balanced, fully integrated people whose souls and physical lives are in harmony, whose very existence helps clear mass consciousness and improve the quality of all life on earth. This 5-part online class is adapted from our 25-hour Elemental Appreticship program and teaches you how to balance the five elements in your own being for physical and mental well-being – Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Ether. Core shamanic and spiritual lightworking techniques are covered in depth while you learn the ancient art of journeying, meet your guides and power animals, and achieve new levels of personal empowerment. More topics include breath-work, smudging, the four winds, the Thunderbeings, protection, candle rites, kundalini energy, dreaming, emotional cleansing, the Akash, releasing negative karma, and healing past life trauma.

The Elemental Shamanic Lightworking Course includes 10 in-depth video lessons16 guided meditations and journeys, and written summaries for each lesson. At-home exercises provide further practice — you’ll receive access to three different drumming and rattle tracks for journeying at your own leisure.  Proceed through the lessons and meditations at your own pace, then complete a short online Q&A to receive certification as an Elemental Shamanic Lightworker. 


About the Instructor: Maya Cointreau is a shamanic practitioner, lightworker, healer, herbalist and author. She has over 20 years of shamanic experience and is an Usui Reiki Master with Iris & Karuna attunements. She is the author of nine books on healing, including The Comprehensive Vibrational Healing Guide, The Teen Transformation Manual, Simple Herbal Living, The Practical Reiki Symbol Primer, Natural Animal Healing, Grounding & Clearing, Gesturing to God, The Healing Properties of Flowers, and Equine Herbs & Healing.
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Can’t attend this class? Check out our ONLINE Elemental Shamanic Lightworker Course.

“Our last class seemed more like an initiation to a life of learning rather than a graduation. I am very fortunate and thankful to have reached this milestone through such a wonderful course with an amazing teacher and fellow students.”

SHAMANS SONG – Monthly Meditative Meetup

On hiatus
This circle normally meets one Saturday evening each month from 6-8:30pm and is open to all shamanic practitioners with previous journey experience and a familiarity with core shamanic techniques. This is not a class, but an experience. Each month we will drum, experience the benefits of sound healing, and journey for self-care, each other, and our communities. Come meet with your fellow shamans and enjoy a relaxed evening of healing and joy.