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Enchanted Realms has a gorgeous gallery space that we keep filled with uplifting, transformative art.

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“Intergalactic Divinity” has descended upon the Enchanted Gallery with all the power and the glory of Source wisdom. Deeply moving, soul inspired pieces harness the beauty of the stars and the magic of sacred geometry while etheric beings whisper words of wisdom. Rich with symbolism, the paintings awaken you on a cellular level, activating original coding and helping you re-align with your soul path.

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The majesty and untamed passion of wild horses came to the Enchanted Gallery for the winter of 2016 with Natalie Buck’s photography series “Untamed Beauties”. A Bridgewater resident and Fine Art Photographer, Buck is known for her unique use of light to bring out the organic beauty in her subjects.

Born in Australia, she moved to the USA as a 5 time National Australian Ice Dance Champion. After retiring from competitive world figure skating she picked up her camera and fell in love with the art of photography with a fierce passion.

GNatalie+Buck+Photography+Wild+Assateague+Ponies+(1+of+1)-12rowing up in Australia listening to tales of the wild Brumby horses, she has always been drawn to their power and beauty. When she needs to refresh her soul, she travels to the small island of Assateague off the coast of Maryland in hopes to catch glimpses of wild horses on the beach at sunrise. ‘Untamed Beauties’ is an intimate collection of these beautiful Wild Assateague Ponies. Recently she returned from Australia where she spent a week camping in the Snowy Mountains of Victoria and New South Wales photographing the elusive Snowy Mountain Brumbies. Her passion for wild horses has taken her half way around the globe and one day she hopes to photograph all the Wild Horses of the World.


11080934_10204668189077861_8235880737701839773_nFall, 2015

How do we get where we are going? Our cars are extensions of ourselves, telling both our story and their own, and this fall we celebrate our vehicles with a new exhibit featuring watercolor paintings, photography, and handmade shift knobs.

Life-long artist Karl Lalonde is well-known throughout the tri-state area as both a a painter and photographer. His photography series focuses on the richness of color and heritage in old vehicles.

These days Lalonde enjoys taking long car rides and hikes through Connecticut and the surrounding states to unwind. On his walks, he says he photographs everything in nature from waterfalls to rusty old vehicles left in fields, taking at least 100 to 200 exposures each trip.

Says Lalonde, “Towns are different, with their unique looks & styles. Always at the beginning or at the edge there are junkyards, taking care of the old until their recycled end. Trucks and cars, tired and retired from their tasks, lie dormant with their own memories of heroic deeds. For many years they have accomplished impossible tasks for man. Their memories are starting to fade, like the color on their skins. Trucks, the modern workhorses, are the heroes we’ve used, worn out, and left in a field to retire. These steel marvels are more beautiful now than when shiny and new. Amazing, what time can do to metal and paint. How the brilliant colors are homogenized with rust. There is beauty in their patinas, their histories, and in their engine hearts.”

Sandra Cointreau is an avid watercolor painter, with fine art training spanning 4 decades. She regularly shows her work at galleries throughout Litchfield county. Lately, Sandra has become Lime Rock Raceway’s resident artist and paints at the track during their main events. She works on commissions of vintage and racing cars and finds the meditative act of bringing each car to life a joyful challenge.


Are you an artist? We’d love to see what you do. Our group shows are a perfect way to gain exposure and meet great new people. Read about our March 2014 show, “Riding the Wave of Transformation” in the LCT Monthly Magazine! 

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The Eastern View of our 25’x13′ Gallery Space.