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The Comprehensive Vibrational Healing Guide

The Comprehensive Vibrational Healing Guide covers hundreds of holistic remedies that work with the body’s natural energetic rhythm to foster better emotional, spiritual and physical health. Maya Cointreau walks you through the layers of the body biofield, explaining vital concepts such as chakras, meridians, and elemental theory so that you can choose the remedies that will work best for you and your family. Quantum physics and rigorous scientific studies are explored, shedding light on how and why vibrational healing works so well in conjunction with modern allopathic medicine. Learn how to effectively use mind-body techniques such as EFT, meditation and affirmations. Create and use your own flower essences and homeopathic remedies, or choose from hundreds of remedies that are on the market today, including essential oils and crystal elixirs. Understand the power of UV light, and how to harness its healing potential through the use of LED lights or colors. Hands-on healing therapies such as Reiki, Polarity, Therapeutic Touch and Qigong Healing are all explained, as well the basic tenets of Ayurveda, Won-Ki and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Harness modern technological breakthroughs from NASA and other respected scientists and take charge of your healing process.

Mudras for Well-Being

MudraFRONT8Mudras are symbolic hand gestures or positions used throughout the world in spiritual and daily practice. Studies show that they have the same effect on the brain as language: when you use a mudra, you are activating a specific thought or intent, and that thought carries energy, working like a radio signal to communicate with God, to All that IS, for fulfillment and manifestation. This book is a gorgeous guide to the mudras, illustrating over 35 mudras in a joyful and colorful way. Look at them when the mood strikes you, or use them every day. Above all: enjoy them!

Number, Name and Colour


Number, Name and Colour was originally written by O Hashnu Hara in 1907. This “new and revised edition” was published in 1911 and is a facsimile reprint of a rare volume found in a collector’s library in France. It contains the information you need to learn and understand the ancient practice of Numerology. Learn what your name says about you, how to use colors to your advantage, identify your soul purpose and improve your life. O Hashnu Hara is the author of many esoteric books and pamphlets including The Road to Success, Auras and the Astral Body, The Power of Attraction, The Magnetic Will, and Practical Yoga.


Practical Reiki Symbol Primer & Workbook

Are you having a hard time memorizing your Reiki symbols? Would you like to learn some new ones to help expand your energy healing practice? The Practical Reiki Symbol Primer is the perfect gift for anyone who loves Reiki, whether they are just starting out or moving on to Master level experiences. The workbook presents over 40 elegantly hand-drawn symbols from both traditional Usui and newer Reiki traditions. Using traditional alphabet primer design, the workbook illustrates each symbol with a description of its uses and origins, followed by several practice pages where you can trace and practice drawing the symbol freehand. Hands-on healing is a natural ability that can be activated and accessed by all humans — sometimes we just need a little extra practice. Try it and see!

Tarot – A Complete Course

Tarot – A Complete Course in Basic Tarot Meanings and Techniques  teaches you the traditional meanings of all 78 cards in the modern tarot, and how tarot cards evolved. The author has three decades of experience with tarot, and takes you through a learning process that is both simple and profound. Experience the cards through daily meditations that work with magical elements. Find out how to prepare for every reading and allow you intuition to unfold. Discover six different ways to lay out your cards for readings. The book features gorgeous black and white illustrations from the Aquatic Tarot deck by Andreas Schröter.
The 108-page,  5×8-inch book is the perfect size to tuck in your pocket with your deck.

Earth Lodge Music for Creation
<feat. IxChel>


Earth Lodge worked with IxChel and her talented team of vocalists to create energizing trance and tribal electronica blended with drums, flutes, spiritual chants and songs from around the world. Each track features underlying monaural Theta beats to increase focus, enhance meditation and unlock your creative potential. Synchronize your brain with your soul and relax into a dance with the divine. Nine tracks.

Guided Temple Meditations

The meditations in the Guided Temple Meditation Series take you on journeys to different dream-time temples, to realms without time constraints, preconceived ideas or limitations. They bring you to places that exist out of this reality, temples of healing designed by Spirit where you can experience self-healing, release karma and embrace your true nature. Beautiful music and shamanic drumming help lift you to higher states of consciousness for full, deep body healing.

Volume One in this series includes five meditations that focus on bringing balance to the body and spirit. Volume One will bring you to the Temple of the Willows, to align the chakras; The Seat of the 4 Elements for elemental balancing; The Temple of the Light to remove cords of attachment and heal the light body; The Temple of Guidance to meet your guides; and A Place to Heal to create your own personal healing space in the cosmic dreamtime.
Download individual tracks or purchase the CD below:

Volume Two addresses emotional healing and creativity. You will visit The Temple of the Open Heart to heal issues of sadness, grief and anger; The Temple of Peace and Serenity for emotional clearing; The Temple of Inspiration to unlock your creative potential; and The Pyramid of Protection to shield your aura and create comfort during daily interactions.
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CDDiscFaceTemplate3Volume Three allows deep genetic and karmic release. At The Temple of Lives you can view, process and release past, parallel and future life issues; The Keeper of Lost Souls is a gentle bear who helps you retrieve lost soul pieces; You can repair DNA and reprogram your body for true cellular healing at The Temple of Death & Immortality; and at The Temple Earth you will journey for planetary healing and upliftment.
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