Happy 5-Year Anniversary! Come in and Celebrate with Us.

November 18th marks Enchanted’s official 5-year anniversary and we are honoring it with an amazing giveaway. Every customer who comes in will receive one free tumbled stone with purchase AND the first 6 customers to come in and spend $100 will get their pick of one of the necklace pouches picture here, complete with a very special crystal inside (up to a $50 value!!) Each pouch contains a different surprise stone: phenacite, danburite, petalite, watermelon tourmaline, cavansite or rhodolite garnet. We’ll be giving away the pouches until all six are gone – so come in early, do your holiday shopping, and get a little something for yourself!

Saturday hours are 12-4pm. We’ve got lots of great new inventory. Dragon armor carnelian, cobalt aura amethyst, gemstone necklaces, and more. See you soon!



Starting in January – The New & Improved

Students who have completed the 1-year Shamanic Lightworker Apprenticeship and wish to continue expanding and delve deeper into shamanic lightworking may enter our Advanced Training Program. We meet on the second Sunday every other month from 12-6pm for a total of 6 classes. Trained Shamanic Lightworkers may enter the advanced cycle in January and July.

Advanced topics include but are not limited to:

Shadow work, Psychic Development, Seeing Auras, Working with kids, Manifestation, Remote Viewing, Etheric Shapeshifting, Astral Vehicles, Soul Path Alignment, The Northern Lodge Ceremony, Fire Clearing Ceremony, Soul/Star Families, Clan Totems, Herbs and Flower Essences, Nature Devas & Faeries, Self-Healing Protocol & Guides, Ho’oponopono, Dreamcatchers, Clearing Work & Warding, Ascended Masters & Archangels, Oracles & Divination, Vortexes & Ley Lines, The Divine Masculine/Feminine.

For more information, visit our apprenticeship page.

Also coming in January:
Shamanic Lightworker Apprenticeship Training

Learn how to walk a balanced path towards self-empowerment, exploring core shamanism and healing techniques from around the globe. At the end of the apprenticeship you will have evolved into a clearer, stronger version of you: an empowered and integrated person whose soul and physical life is in harmony, whose very existence helps clear mass consciousness and improve the quality of all life on earth.


Lessons will draw on a wide variety of traditions from around the globe, rather than any one specific cultural belief system. You will learn to enter heightened states of awareness to meet your own guides and power animals, and learn to help others do the same. At the end of twelve months, you will receive a certificate noting your completion of the Elemental and Intermediate Shamanic Lightworker Training.

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