Shamanic Lightworker Apprenticeship Training Program


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Learn how to walk a balanced path towards self-empowerment, exploring core shamanism and healing techniques from around the globe. At the end of the apprenticeship you will have evolved into a clearer, stronger version of you: an empowered and integrated person whose soul and physical life is in harmony, whose very existence helps clear mass consciousness and improve the quality of all life on earth.

What is a shaman? A shaman is a person who is aware of the energetic flow and patterns of the universe, someone who acknowledges the spirit in everything, and works with that spirit and flow to shift the world. The word “shaman” is Siberian in origin, and means “(s)he who knows”. There have been shamans in every culture on Earth throughout the ages, people who can connect with Source, or Spirit, to heal and create balance in the world.

What is a lightworker? A lightworker is someone who works with the light for the highest good of all beings. Lightworkers believe in the interconnectedness of all things, all beings, and strive to create a more harmonious, light-based realm on Earth. “Light” shamanism focuses on techniques that can be used heal oneself and the community on multiple levels.


Lessons will draw on a wide variety of traditions from around the globe, rather than any one specific cultural belief system. You will learn to enter heightened states of awareness to meet your own guides and power animals, and learn to help others do the same. At the end of twelve months, you will receive a certificate noting your completion of the Elemental and Intermediate Shamanic Lightworker Training.

Your studies will include:

  • Native American style drum-making
    “Our last class seemed more like an initiation to a life of learning rather than a graduation. I am very fortunate and thankful to have reached this milestone through such a wonderful course with an amazing teacher and fellow students.”
  • The 5 Elements and Corresponding Objects of Power
  • Prayer Sticks and Altars
  • Shamanic Journeying & Breathwork
  • Power Animals & Spirit Guides
  • The Akash, Past Lives and Soul Retrieval
  • Shamanic Healing, Clearing & Extractions
  • Medicine Wheels, Sheilds, and The Four Directions
  • Dream-work, Lucid dreaming and Travel
  • The chakras and the Energetic patterning of the body
  • Power Songs, Mudras, Chants and Transfigurative Toning
  • Working with the Plant Kingdom & Nature Spirits
  • Medicine bags and Objects of Power

Training will take place monthly for eleven months over the course of one year. Classes begin on January 28th, 2018 and will meet on the 4th Saturday each month from 4-9pm through November 2018 (Note: If a class is cancelled due to inclement weather, the following month will meet from 12 to 9pm to make up missed material).


Class size is limited. Please pre-register by sending in a $150 deposit to reserve your space and drummaking materials for the first class. The deposit can be mailed in to Enchanted Realms, or you can pay via paypal below. All payments are non-refundable.

We have two payment structures available for the year:
$1500, paid in full by the first class (includes deposit)
$1800, paid by deposit + 11 monthly $150 payments.
Elder Discounts are available. Call to talk about the possibilities.

Reserve your spot today (deposit only)

Reserve your spot today (deposit + first month payment)

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Are you too far away to attend this class?
Check out our ONLINE Elemental Shamanic Lightworker Course.

About the Instructor: Maya Cointreau is a shamanic practitioner, lightworker, healer, herbalist and author. She has over 20 years of shamanic experience and is an Usui Reiki Master with Karuna attunements. She is the author of nine books on healing, including The Comprehensive Vibrational Healing Guide, Simple Herbal Living, The Practical Reiki Symbol Primer, Natural Animal Healing, Grounding & Clearing, Gesturing to God, The Healing Properties of Flowers, Equine Herbs & Healing, and To The Temples.




Upcoming Advanced Classes:
(classes meet on the 2nd Sunday from 1-5pm)


July – Light & Dark, Shadow work, Clearing Personal Triggers, Akashic Work, EFT
Sep – Psychic Development, Seeing Auras, Telepathy exercises, Aligning with your True Highest Vibration.
Nov – Aura Drawing, Working with kids, Manifestation, Vision Boarding

Jan – Remote Viewing, Etheric Shapeshifting, Soul Path Alignment
Mar – Norther Lodge Ceremony, Fire Clearing Ceremony
May – Masks, Soul/Star Families, Clan Totems
Jul – Herbal Healing, Self-Healing Protocol & Guides
Sep – Iris Healing Technique, Ho’oponopono, Working with the I AM
Nov – Dreamcatchers. Knotwork. Clearing Work & Warding. The Moon.

Jan – Prayer Boxes, Color Rays, Ascended Masters & Archangels
Mar – Loving/Healing Meditation, Astral Vehicles, Oracles & Divination
May – Divinatory Journeys. Vortexes & Ley Lines. Working with the Divine Masculine/Feminine and the Merkaba.

Payment for the two-year program can be paid the following ways:
$1400 paid in full by our first class
$400 paid at four installments
$150 at each class.

Pay in Full

Make a Monthly Payment

Make a Quarterly Payment







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