Students who have completed the 1-year Shamanic Lightworker Apprenticeship and wish to continue expanding and delve deeper into shamanic lightworking may enter our Mastery Program. We meet on the second Sunday every other month from 12-6pm for a total of 6 classes. New students may enter the advanced cycle in January or July.
Remaining 2018 Class dates are Sep 9 and Nov 11.
2019 Class dates are Jan 13, Mar 10, May 12, Jul 14, Sep 8, Nov 10

If any class is cancelled due to a weather or emergency consideration, we will make up the date on the second Sunday of the following “off” month, or on another weekend that everyone agrees to.


Payment for the Advanced Mastery Program can be paid the following ways:
$1050 paid in full by our first class
$195 at each class.

Pay in Full ($1050)

Make a Monthly Payment ($195)

Themes we’ll be covering will be: Finding Illumination through Shadow and Light, Piercing the Veil, Community Building, Earth and Sky, Aligning with Our Higher Powers, Balanced Seeking.

Advanced topics include but are not limited to:
Shadow work, Psychic Development, Seeing Auras, Working with kids, Manifestation, Remote Viewing, Etheric Shapeshifting, Astral Vehicles, Soul Path Alignment, The Northern Lodge Ceremony, Fire Clearing Ceremony, Soul/Star Families, Clan Totems, Herbs and Flower Essences, Self-Healing Protocol & Guides, Ho’oponopono, Dreamcatchers, Clearing Work & Warding, Ascended Masters & Archangels, Oracles & Divination, Vortexes & Ley Lines, The Divine Masculine/Feminine.