Becoming Galactic – Meditation with Kathy Lalonde

September 30th, Sunday at 2pm
We are now at the end of carbon-based programming of our karma and our DNA.
We can now move away from the struggle and ill effects that carbon-based programming has had on our well-being and become the soul supporter and guide in our life; shifting us from a life of limitations to an expanded upgraded version with the availability of higher wisdom and knowledge that is there for us ready to be accessed and used.
Carbon-based programming has imprinted upon us time moving quickly, leaving us feeling overpowered and dis-empowered. It has left us feeling life isn’t fair, or life feels like it’s ending before it even got started.
There is a hormone in our carbon DNA that has the time and date of our expiration that has kept us on a path of self-destruct. Mother Earth has built us a crystalline matrix, a pathway to health and well-being, that deletes carbon-based programming so we can begin to function with comfort and ease.
In this meditation your will connect to earth’s crystalline matrix activating and re-calibrating your aura.
This new calibration of the aura from carbon based to crystalline will also help those who are empaths who experience the ill effects of holding energy for mass consciousness. As this re-calibration process begins some of you may also experience the activation of the twelve strand DNA.
Wear comfortable clothing, bring water, feel free to bring a pillow.
Cost $35.00 pre-paid or $40 at the door. OR pre-register two people and pay only $30 each!

One Person ($35)

Two People ($60)